An exploration of the process and pedagogy behind establishing a non-linear narrative inside Second Life with the view to create a learning space rich in cross-curricular opportunities.

...there's been a murder in the Red Barn

...there's been a murder in the Red Barn
The "Red Barn" was a thatched timber out-building with a section of it's roof clad in red tiles.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

now that is sorted

Ok, think I have the whole login and post thing sorted, now to the purpose of this, another view into the 10 or 12 voices inside the head of wonko.

There's been a murder in the red barn.

A non-linear narrative with embedded cross-curricular links. Ties in rich and real ways into forensic science, law, IT and a good slathering of language - sound doable? ...but wait, there's more. How about realising the whole thing in Second Life?

I guess is is not the first time someone has called me crazy. Might enlist some help ... my dear friend Mrs Noisy sounds like a colleague that could sink her teeth into this, will ask.

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