An exploration of the process and pedagogy behind establishing a non-linear narrative inside Second Life with the view to create a learning space rich in cross-curricular opportunities.

...there's been a murder in the Red Barn

...there's been a murder in the Red Barn
The "Red Barn" was a thatched timber out-building with a section of it's roof clad in red tiles.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

paint your wagon

Had a visit from Mrs Noisy [a co-conspirator - in secondlife, EVERYONE can hear her scream :P], who will be helping me with the legals and scenario, my people met her people and we did e-brunch. was keen to show off the barn and my new wagon [made with 12 "primi"s]. Texture sux, as do the wagon wheels so far, but was happy to experiment with scale and functional form.

I have been working in-world with a nice american chap called Azwaldo, who is a scripter. Talked about the need for a chatterbot that I could load with a vocabularly. Az built me a script that I can modify and embed in objects - this is cool. When you touch such an object [r-click in 2L action] it tells you what channel to talk to it on. then, and here is the cool part, when you chat on it [say channel 7] "/7 blah blah" it looks for nominated keywords in your chatter and releases re-programmed resonses to them - more than one keyword and you get a paragraph, very cool, more important - very useful.

Getting used to the building tools, need more space and need to shop for horses and associated farm things. Learning in-world is interesting, using chat clients in and out of world, along with internet telephony, MUD and MOO clients all at the same time sure beats up your processor ... still, we paid for it right, might at least get it to do some work.

Next step is RealWorld scenario brainstorming with Mrs Noisy... dang these RL commitments.

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